Hardened WordPress with Yubikey

I was getting bored of seeing too much automated hack-in attempts to my WordPress. I know my password is hard to guess but still I felt unsure. So I installed few WordPress plugins: Limit Login Attempts and Yubikey-plugin (which I already own).
Now all login attempts require to know my username, password and 3rd party random code which is generated by my Yubikey (see www.yubico.com).

First blog entry for clouds

I have made AWS account and configured my free S3 and EC2 services. S3 is storage over network where you can share files over http protocol. EC2 is cloud computer service where you can install (any?) computer operating system.
But for free service there are limits: 5 Gb storage for S3 and then 10 Gb disk, 600 Mb RAM for EC2 computer. I installed Ubuntu 10.10 server with LAMP, email and this WP blog software. All this took only 2 Gb storage.

Now I am updating this blog with Nokia N900 phone and Mastory program.

What is going on my way trough life