Smart devices

We all use some electronic devices, equipments and gadgets. Have you ever tought how do those work? Most reliable devices are simple. Your doorbell does not contain “intelligence”, it does not consume much energy and does that job very well. Unless it is broken physically. You don’t need to update software on your doorbell, you just may need to replace battery. Which probably has run more than 5 years. Same is with your alarm clock next to your bed. Old technology, proven reliable. Maybe it may go a bit advance in a month but mostly it does job very well. No need to connect internet nor update security patches.

Best and most reliable devices are not trying to be smart or intelligent. They just do the job.

But – we are going to world where devices try to be smart. And we are allowed to be dumber. Is it right direction? Can we produce more with intelligent devices around us? Are we more creative? Do we need all that information offered to us?

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